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About Rocket Chilli

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Rocket Chilli is a unique British identity of fabulous food and dining style combination. We produce special quality and freshly cooked food to serve every time when ordered. Our crafted burgers, the shimmery French fries with scrambled spice over our grounds are purely definite about our state of the art presentation and serving of delicious meals and deals.

Rocket Chilli was conceived in late 2016 to give an additional touch and taste of food to those who purely wish to delight their taste buds with hot and spice. We have invested vast resources to make our restaurant a perfect place to dine in where our customers can have a juicy and exciting experience.
Offering you all type burger choices in amazing prices, our presented deals can easily grab your attentions and our special roast meat sandwiches and flat griddle smashed burgers made up with the finest meat and ingredients can easily cheer you up. Rocket Chilli is not just a restaurant it’s a type of research facility who focuses on the inventing new, exciting and delicious fast food recipes.
Our fascinating cooking secrets are of using the finest ingredients, hand cut salads and chips, slow cooked juicy meats, and piquant sauces and these all create extraordinary meal for our customers. Our talented chefs can cook smashed, grilled and steamed burgers to extreme perfection and serve you the tastiest burger recipes from around the world. 


Late night foodies, I got my place for rock and spice. If you have a late-night craving listen Rocket Chilli opens till 11 pm. A hands-on place for an order!


For sure I have tasted quite a lot of burgers in London but found these guys called Rocket chilli on the top of the list. Fantastic cooking methods to make it juicy and moist.


Preciously they make burger damn good. I got my burger came with fries which was delicious in taste and worth in price. All thumbs up for Rocket Chilli.